Binance Chain Alliance

Binance Chain Alliance is an independent group of Founders & CEOs that successfully migrated to Binance Chain and got listed on Binance DEX.


Our Mission

Binance Chain Alliance is an association of blockchain projects and their respective Founders/CEOs who have successfully migrated to Binance Chain and been listed on Binance DEX. The aim of this new initiative is to support other projects and their founders during their migration process to Binance Chain as well as supporting them afterwards in a variety of topics such as financing, technology, KYC and network introductions.

Binance Chain & Binance DEX feature a user-friendly interface, fast transaction time and provide significant value through the strong ecosystem of Binance and its community. To date, Binance Chain and Binance DEX have handled more than 10m transactions of over 250,000 thousand addresses — and the growth continues. Since its launch in late April 2019, more than 130+ tokens have been built on Binance Chain.